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We are more than 10 years experience in this field providing personalized and premium travel planning and booking services, guided tours, and private luxury packages.

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Our lovely Guest house,in ECR road opp...road to VGP... lovely river view,very posh,like 5 Star hotel

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CALL DRIVERS to fulfill the need of our valued customer & reputed Organizations.

3 life saving questions before Heart Treatment

Heart Patients/Cardiac patients are afraid once they are informed that they need to undergo Bypass surgery /stent or angioplasty at the earliest for their heart vessel blockages. Once this dreaded news is delivered to the patients, most of them immediately start looking for a non-surgical, alternative treatment for bypass surgery or angioplasty. Vaso-Meditech EECP treatment is also called Natural Bypass is an alternative to Bypass Surgery/Stent and has been shown to improve new blood vessels around the blocked artery naturally. So the blockages are not needed to be removed but it is made irrelevant since new blood flow can bypass this blocked artery naturally.

Medical Tourism

Sheratons Group Chennai to Heal your Heart... Best & Blissful way, only fine and clean Hospital with Economical charges...
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Samar Aviation

Samar Aviation Chennai (Sheratons Group) For Lovely, Blissful, Cheapest way of studying Piloting and other Aviation studies in Beautiful Newzealand.
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There lies an integral connection between India and its famous traditional jewelry. In fact, the connection is so deep that a woman in India considers her makeup incomplete without adorning some jewelry


Silk's absorbency makes it comfortable to wear in warm weather and while active. Its low conductivity keeps warm air close to the skin during cold weather. It is often used for clothing such as shirts, ties, blouses, formal dresses, high fashion clothes, lining, lingerie, pajamas, robes, dress suits, sun dresses and Eastern folk costumes. For practical use, silk is excellent as clothing that protects from many biting insects that would ordinarily pierce clothing, such as mosquitoes and horseflies. Fabrics that are often made from silk include charmeuse, habutai, chiffon, taffeta, crepe de chine, dupioni, noil, tussah, and shantung, among others.


Cotton saree makes really comfortable clothing for summers. As summer in India is famous for being brutally hot, there are many varieties of Indian cotton sarees to combat the heat. Almost every state in India has its own variety of traditional cotton sarees. Some of these cotton sarees like the Bengali Tant sarees are famous for their fabric quality.There are several types of embroidery, handloom styles and patterns that define the various Indian cotton sarees. We have listed some of the best known Indian cotton sarees for you here.For all you high fashion lovers, we have a range of designer cotton sarees in unique designs.We also have a range of cotton crafted party wear sarees that are sophisticated and stylish. They come in minimal embroidery and zari work and are best for upcoming gala.


Readymade garment exports are market driven, which implies what the foreign market wants and how the garment exporter could fulfill it, or product driven, which implies what the exporter has to offer and how can an appropriate strategy be applied to find the targeted buyers in the foreign market. The requisites of these are that the exporter must know the export plan, production procedure and export documentations. Exporter also must know his operational capacity, machines used in it, organizational nature and structure. An attempt is made in this chapter to understand and examine the nature and structure of the organization of the Readymade garment export business in India along with the producer, operational types of machines used and export documentations.


Commodities market, commodities trading, commodity futures. . . These terms are not very commonly understood by many. However, commodity markets offer as much an opportunity to investors as does the stock market.Commodity market is a place where trading in commodities takes place. It is similar to an equity market, but instead of buying or selling shares one buys or sells commodities.The OTC markets are essentially spot markets and are localised for specific commodities. Almost all the trading that takes place in these markets is delivery based.The exchange-traded markets are essentially only derivative markets and are similar to equity derivatives in their working.In the developed markets the volumes on the exchange-based commodity derivates markets are about five times more than that of the equity markets.


With 50 years’ experience in connecting global buyers and suppliers, the SHERATONS GROUP understands the importance of trust in online sourcing. The SHERATONS GROUP Online Marketplace ( features more than 130,000 quality suppliers and serves 1.7 million registered international buyers who can make personalised sourcing enquiries via the website. With suppliers’ information being authenticated, and their certificates being verified, buyers can find peace of mind by sourcing quality products/services and dealing with trustworthy companies.


Indian Weddings are never boring. We all know why. Yes, you guessed right! The massive spread of food and the other festivities of course! No wedding is complete without a plethora of good food and satisfied guests. At Star Weddings, we offer the best vegetarian catering services in Chennai with the finest quality of food. From the creamy curries to the rich chocolaty desserts, we’ll make sure its an amazing spread and we’ll never compromise! Here we have a list of the best 75 dishes which were a hit in all the weddings we have planned so far.


They are Managed by a set of professionals, supported by perfectly maintained fleet, quality drivers, well- mannered staff, best office infrastructure, round the clock support and that extra urge to ensure a hassle-free holiday to make our guests feel comfortable and at home while holidaying. They are specialized in tour packages that include Historical, Archaeological & Pilgrim, Preserved Forest & Wildlife, Spectacular Mountains & Beautiful Sceneries, Sun, Sand & Sea, Landscapes filed with Flaura, Fauna & birds, Adventurous, Ayurveda, Angling, Golf etc., as the list goes on. Specialists in tailor-made holidays to India, Coorg Tours has grown to become one of the leading and most respected tour operators in India.


Nothing can help you inspire change or accelerate momentum like a meeting. When you bring your team together, it energizes their actions and expands their worldviews. Whether it’s a national sales meeting, a customer conference or a dealer event, we as Event Management Service provider integrate logistics and meeting content to achieve a focused event with maximum impact. We find, select, negotiate, coordinate, plan, promote, create, install, drape, transport, staff, direct, translate, reconcile, measure, track and bill. We can do it all for you or just provide select services as an extension of your team.


An SHERATONS GROUP is a firm that acts as its client's export department by managing the legal, financial, and logistical details of exporting, and providing advice about consumer needs and available distribution channels in the foreign markets the exporter wants to penetrate.

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